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Where your home is

Last Saturday, me and my boyfriend went to Viseu, which is one of the big cities in Portugal, looking for couches (never thought it could be so hard to find that perfect couch!) and going around the city (which was huge!) I had the sudden realization that, if I had to move there, I wouldn’t…… Continue reading Where your home is

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A soap “Da’ki”*

(Little disclaimer :*I have freely translated the title as “From Here” because “Da’ki” can be interpreted as “De aqui” which means “From here” in portuguese.) “Da’ki” is a brand that I have met recently upon an article about Fundão, the place where I currently live. As you may all very well know, I have adopted…… Continue reading A soap “Da’ki”*


Feminism matters

Today, as I was checking the newspapers, I found out that Portugal (particularly the Supreme Administrative Court  is being sued by the European Court of Humans Rights. Why? Because the portuguese court said that a woman in her fifties, that was injured during a cirurgy to her reproductive system, making the act of sexual intercouse…… Continue reading Feminism matters

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Heavens sent punishment

If there is one thing I can’t live without, it’s coffee. It’s a heavens-sent beverage that contains all that is good in the world. Except it doesn’t. Coffee isn’t necessarily bad. Like all of the world’s things that we consume, it’s not bad if it isn’t consumed too much. The other day, I read a report…… Continue reading Heavens sent punishment