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A soap “Da’ki”*

(Little disclaimer :*I have freely translated the title as “From Here” because “Da’ki” can be interpreted as “De aqui” which means “From here” in portuguese.) “Da’ki” is a brand that I have met recently upon an article about FundΓ£o, the place where I currently live. As you may all very well know, I have adopted…… Continue reading A soap “Da’ki”*


The city of Arts – La Vida Erasmus, La Vida Mejor Part VII

  Bilbao, Bilbao. The days where so gray back then and I was just always so cold. It was also the first place I went with the ESN Complutense – so far, I hadn’t made it in time for any trips. Now, I could. With my precious people. Of course Luis went, (I practically forced…… Continue reading The city of Arts – La Vida Erasmus, La Vida Mejor Part VII

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Sweet summer child

Ah summer… The season (probably) half of the world is eagerly waiting for. Not me. I really can’t like summer. I have very little good experiences with summer, mainly because it doesn’t really give you the option to enjoy warm days. No, it goes straight from cold-harsh winter to blazing-hot summer. I don’t mind heat…… Continue reading Sweet summer child