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The game of (my) life

I remember the first time I played a game, digitally. I was four or five years old and I used my older brothers computer. I have no idea what its model was, but I can remember that it had no mouse and everything was keyboard input (oh, how I love keyboard input since I have…… Continue reading The game of (my) life

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Take a leap

Our lives are filled with moments where you have to make a BIG decision. It might not be of life and death but can very well be of significance enough that you spend (probably) a few days thinking about it. I never do sudden decisions if they will have a major impact on me. So,…… Continue reading Take a leap


Woman in Tech – RISE 2017

If there is one thing that I am proud of, is being part of the growing community of women in technological jobs. It’s been ofically a month since I have started working on ReadinessIT which, has you all may very well know, has given me such opportunities and improved my life in a way that…… Continue reading Woman in Tech – RISE 2017

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There are probably hundreds of words that have no translation to other languages. I know a few but my favourite of all is “saudade”. It’s portuguese-origin and it’s a word that means so much. The closest we have in english is “I miss you”. It doesn’t mean the same, but it’s close. The thing is,…… Continue reading Saudade

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The perks of learning new things…

My intensive Java bootcamp has started to give fruits. The first is that I have learned actual, useful things. The second is I have two projects done (but completely need reviewing!) and the third… the third is that I will share them with you! In case most of you don’t know, there is this platform,…… Continue reading The perks of learning new things…

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When programming is your life… but your life can’t be programmed

It’s been over two weeks since I last posted an actual post, not just some picture. My life as a programmer hasn’t been easy… and it won’t get better. I have been in a intensive Java bootcamp for the last two months. I try to get time to myself, but my life has basically become…… Continue reading When programming is your life… but your life can’t be programmed