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Sweet summer child

Ah summer… The season (probably) half of the world is eagerly waiting for. Not me. I really can’t like summer. I have very little good experiences with summer, mainly because it doesn’t really give you the option to enjoy warm days. No, it goes straight from cold-harsh winter to blazing-hot summer. I don’t mind heat…… Continue reading Sweet summer child

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When Sofi can’t get to the ocean, the ocean comes to Sofi

As you all may very well know, Lush is one of my favourites stores as is the #1 pick when choosing skincare products. I love their products, but mostly, I love their ethics: they refuse to test on animals, support fair trade and make sure to know where their ingredients come from. Adding to all…… Continue reading When Sofi can’t get to the ocean, the ocean comes to Sofi

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When the sun is shy

It’s been really, really cold lately and the whole spring thingy isn’t happening – my bright mood is slowly going away and even though I am motivated, this kind of weather makes me feel so sluggish. The good part about all of this is the fact that, in less than two weeks, my boyfriend is…… Continue reading When the sun is shy