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Sci-fi Challenge

Last summer, I saw this book on sale and I couldn’t help but buy it. It has the history of the sci-fi genre and all of its representations : books, comics, movies and games. Since I always enjoyed a proper science-fiction in my life, I decided to challenge myself. Each week, I will watch or…… Continue reading Sci-fi Challenge

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May’s Readings

After all the study I did for college, I finally had time to return to one of my old loves: reading. And oh boy, how rusted I am.   When I was in eight grade, I won, for the second year in a row, a prize for being the “Best Reader” of my school library. Of…… Continue reading May’s Readings

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Patreon this awesome dude!

Almost a year ago, I talked about some youtubers that I follow and love to watch. Even today, my opinion hasn’t changed at the least. But right now, one of them, has started a Patreon page and I pratically ran to be part of it. Arith now has a Patreon. So far, he had a Youtube, Wordpress blog, an Instagram, a Twitter and now,…… Continue reading Patreon this awesome dude!

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Lucky Christmas Eve

As is custom, Christmas is spent with the family. This year we thought about spending just the two of us but decided against it. So we came back to the capital. The big difference between the capital and Fundão is not only the size and confusion. It’s the stores. In Lisbon, I can find literally…… Continue reading Lucky Christmas Eve

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Where your home is

Last Saturday, me and my boyfriend went to Viseu, which is one of the big cities in Portugal, looking for couches (never thought it could be so hard to find that perfect couch!) and going around the city (which was huge!) I had the sudden realization that, if I had to move there, I wouldn’t…… Continue reading Where your home is

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Heavens sent punishment

If there is one thing I can’t live without, it’s coffee. It’s a heavens-sent beverage that contains all that is good in the world. Except it doesn’t. Coffee isn’t necessarily bad. Like all of the world’s things that we consume, it’s not bad if it isn’t consumed too much. The other day, I read a report…… Continue reading Heavens sent punishment

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The bigger they are, the bigger the fall

We all have “those days”, the days were we aren’t at our best. Sometimes it’s hard, especially when it feels like we are in a tank full of water and it just keeps pilling up and we are losing our space to breath. Fast. I will not blame anything or anyone in my life for…… Continue reading The bigger they are, the bigger the fall