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A soap “Da’ki”*

(Little disclaimer :*I have freely translated the title as “From Here” because “Da’ki” can be interpreted as “De aqui” which means “From here” in portuguese.) “Da’ki” is a brand that I have met recently upon an article about Fund√£o, the place where I currently live. As you may all very well know, I have adopted…… Continue reading A soap “Da’ki”*

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Youtubers that I follow (and love)

We all have that one youtuber ( or youtubers) that we like to follow, watch videos and probably, give us “company” in certain moments. I follow quite a few but there is one that I have been following for quite some time that gives me a lot of different things – knowledge, company and kindness.…… Continue reading Youtubers that I follow (and love)

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When you find your soul (store)mate

As most of you might already know, I have changed for a more cruelty-free lifestyle. In my search for stores. I have found Lush four months ago. Since then, I have been a fan. I have tried a few of the products and I have intention of trying a few more. The first ones where…… Continue reading When you find your soul (store)mate

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The OA – A disappointment, but a beautiful disappointment

I finished watching “The OA” the new Netflix original serie this dawn and let me tell – it was a really nice ride up until the end. The pilot was really well made in my opinion – it was well paced, had everything to captivate any type of public and that little touch of presenting…… Continue reading The OA – A disappointment, but a beautiful disappointment


Why voting matters

I live in a ¬†country which has its own rules of politics (that can be as confusing as the U.S. are for example). Our government is a semi-presedential consitutional republic, which means that it’s the people that actually choose their rulers. Each county chooses their deputies and the majority of the country chooses the actual…… Continue reading Why voting matters

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Book junkie – where to buy cheap books in English

I have been a book junkie since I could read. It came to the point where I won the prize of “Best Reader and User of the Library” three consecutive years back in my middle school (I wish my mother didn’t throw them away by mistake :(. I have hundreds of books I want to…… Continue reading Book junkie – where to buy cheap books in English