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Cruelty-free names to check out

So, for officially one year and three months, I have started a life of not owning any tested on animals products. It hasn’t been easy, especially when you live in a place where the access is pratically zero (and I am not even talking about physical stores), I have to follow a few cruelty-free people…… Continue reading Cruelty-free names to check out

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Lucky Christmas Eve

As is custom, Christmas is spent with the family. This year we thought about spending just the two of us but decided against it. So we came back to the capital. The big difference between the capital and Fundão is not only the size and confusion. It’s the stores. In Lisbon, I can find literally…… Continue reading Lucky Christmas Eve

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When Sofi can’t get to the ocean, the ocean comes to Sofi

As you all may very well know, Lush is one of my favourites stores as is the #1 pick when choosing skincare products. I love their products, but mostly, I love their ethics: they refuse to test on animals, support fair trade and make sure to know where their ingredients come from. Adding to all…… Continue reading When Sofi can’t get to the ocean, the ocean comes to Sofi

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Skin care routine

If there is something that I give full importance is my skin. For years, I have had a really oily skin that sometimes is also dry. It’s a nightmare and when I was a teenager, I spent so many on creams and stuff to control it. Things got a little better when I got older…… Continue reading Skin care routine

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Up until a few months ago, my confidence levels were pretty low. There were a lot of things I didn’t do, didn’t say, didn’t dare to think. Now, I can say that I am finally gaining my confidence back. This picture was taken today. I did a little make up test and was so…… Continue reading Confidence

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When you find your soul (store)mate

As most of you might already know, I have changed for a more cruelty-free lifestyle. In my search for stores. I have found Lush four months ago. Since then, I have been a fan. I have tried a few of the products and I have intention of trying a few more. The first ones where…… Continue reading When you find your soul (store)mate

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Make up Starter Kit – Cruelty Free and Affordable

Following my search for cruelty-free products and ones that are in my home country, I found three main companies: “Kiko”, “Wycon” and “Quem disse berenice?”. I have also included Primark for three reasons: they don’t sell on China (a big pointer if they are or not cruelty-free, since China requires by law mandatory animal testing),…… Continue reading Make up Starter Kit – Cruelty Free and Affordable