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Lucky Christmas Eve

As is custom, Christmas is spent with the family. This year we thought about spending just the two of us but decided against it. So we came back to the capital. The big difference between the capital and Fundão is not only the size and confusion. It’s the stores. In Lisbon, I can find literally…… Continue reading Lucky Christmas Eve

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The Final Fantasy

I remmember my first “Final Fantasy” game very well. I was in seventh grade and I became so addicted to it, that it came to the point it was the only thing on my mind. I remember when my brother gave me his PSOne when the PS2 came out. Along with the console, came a…… Continue reading The Final Fantasy

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Where your home is

Last Saturday, me and my boyfriend went to Viseu, which is one of the big cities in Portugal, looking for couches (never thought it could be so hard to find that perfect couch!) and going around the city (which was huge!) I had the sudden realization that, if I had to move there, I wouldn’t…… Continue reading Where your home is

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The game of (my) life

I remember the first time I played a game, digitally. I was four or five years old and I used my older brothers computer. I have no idea what its model was, but I can remember that it had no mouse and everything was keyboard input (oh, how I love keyboard input since I have…… Continue reading The game of (my) life