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A soap “Da’ki”*


(Little disclaimer :*I have freely translated the title as “From Here” because “Da’ki” can be interpreted as “De aqui” which means “From here” in portuguese.)

“Da’ki” is a brand that I have met recently upon an article about Fundão, the place where I currently live. As you may all very well know, I have adopted a cruelty-free policy in the products that I use, especially cosmetics and the alike. That is why my major acquisitions are from Lush. But a few days ago, I heard about “Da’ki”.

And I fell in love.


First thing first: Da’ki is a brand of not only cruelty-free products, but vegan products as well. All of their products are 100% made from natural products (the base is olive oil) and all from the region. Their most known “Fundão Cherry Soap” is made from cheries from Fundão. Not only they are supporting cruelty-free and vegan manufacter. but also local production. I am deligthed!

Upon knowing about them, I went to look for their main store, which is here in Fundão. It was so close to the place where I studied for three months! I never noticed (it is a little easy for not to!) but nevertheless, I went to check it out.

I came to a closed store. Saddened, I was giving up (thought about coming later or another day altogehter) when a nice girl suddenly appeared. She was the store owner and was kind enough to open it for us.
I fell in love immediately.


The store was gorgeous! It had a subtle touch of vintage but it was well kept, clean and organized! I never felt trapped in there and knew exactly where everything was. To my shame, there was no lip balm, but I found out that they have more than soap: shampoo, shower gel, beard cream and more subtly and beautifully adorned the shelves.

The owner made little chat with us – I was delighted by her niceness! – and invited us to see their kitchen, where they made their products (out of respect and to keep the “secrecy”, I took, no pictures). In there, they told us a little about their story,

She was the one who created the store, which brought the concept nearly five years ago. Picking up a recipe she found, she adapted to her tastes and started to manufacter. A few time later, her brohter joined her (we also met him) and they both now take care of the business.

Her brother told us more about the steps of making soap (did you know it needs at least one month to let the soap dry?!?! And it can be longer depending in what type of weather you live in!).

I bought a few of their soaps to try them out (so far, I love them!) and the owner was really nice to give me two samples to try them! (one of them is made with roses and it smells so nicely!). Also, all of their packages are cute and are reciclable! They are giving more and more reasons to love them! My boyfriend also enjoyed everything which is somewhat rare and was the first to support me on only buying from them starting that day! (Which I will be sure to do!)

They were both so nice and I was so happy for them! Not only because they were both really, really nice, but also because it’s a project I am so proud of!! It was a match made in heaven! I wish I can help them someday, because Portugal really needs more of this!

They have an online store, so be sure to check them out!!



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