Feminism matters

Today, as I was checking the newspapers, I found out that Portugal (particularly the Supreme Administrative Court  is being sued by the European Court of Humans Rights. Why?

Because the portuguese court said that a woman in her fifties, that was injured during a cirurgy to her reproductive system, making the act of sexual intercouse unbearable, shouldn’t be compensated. According to their words, among several motives, “she was fifty and with two children, coming to an age where sexuality has no significance that is presumed in younger ages, with that significance diminishing as you grow older”.



This is pure discrimination, in two ways: in age and gender. This woman shouldn’t have suffered the way she did – no one should have suffered this way. We are human beings and require the basic of decency. This wasn’t it. This Court words wasn’t the right ones – they might think that way in their personal mind but in a Court, this shouldn’t have been spoken and I am ashamed of the fact this mindset is still deeply engraved in my country.

In court, no preconceived opinions or mindsets should be left outside – justice and equality should be the only ones inside.

Feminism fights for these women too – and for all human being that receives this kind of treatment. It doesn’t matter your age or your gender or anything really – you should be allowed to enjoy a pleasure and decent life.

What this court did was exactly the opposite.

Please, don’t allow this kind of mentality to propagate. Let people have a decent living. It’s all what we really need.




(If you want to read the original article, it’s here,  albeit all in Portuguese).


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