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Heavens sent punishment

If there is one thing I can’t live without, it’s coffee. It’s a heavens-sent beverage that contains all that is good in the world.

Except it doesn’t.

Coffee isn’t necessarily bad. Like all of the world’s things that we consume, it’s not bad if it isn’t consumed too much. The other day, I read a report on how coffee can be very bad to our natural system – which prompted me to stop drinking it. All together. No more coffee.
I took this decision last Wednesday. Since then, I have been assaulted with constant tiredness and headaches that are just disturbing.
The main problem? Lack of coffee. Why? Because I drank, at least, four cups everyday. Four cups was too much and my body was used to waking up and drink a cup thirty minutes after.
Suddenly, it stopped receiving it’s natural dose of coffee. Not in the next thirty minutes and not in the rest 15/16 hours that I stay awake everyday. Naturally, my “system” went down and now I face a major cold and constant headaches – which I am trying to battle naturally, with no extra help from meds.
Naturally, it’s not working.
I shouldn’t have stopped drinking coffee. I should have gradually stopped, going from four to two cups each and everyday, to two cups every two days, to simply stop. Let my body get used to it, naturally and slowly, like a good person should do while treating it’s body.
For heavens sake, if any of you try to stop some kind of addiction, do it slowly or else your body might resent you. I had to drink a cup of coffee today after lunch and take an aspirin to subdue the headache. I am feeling much better now, but I have learned my lesson.
I love coffee but I really need for my body to work well on it’s own.
What about you? What kind of drink can’t you live without? Would love to know 🙂

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