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Youtubers that I follow (and love)

We all have that one youtuber ( or youtubers) that we like to follow, watch videos and probably, give us “company” in certain moments. I follow quite a few but there is one that I have been following for quite some time that gives me a lot of different things – knowledge, company and kindness.

That youtuber is Arith Härger.

Arith is an old colleague of mine from college. His youtube is filled with knowledge of the viking era, videos of his paitings (they are so great) and all of his trips (I love them!).

He loves all that has to do with Viking era  and you can really see that in his videos. His diction is the perfect to pay attention and has a clear voice. Wish I had him as a teacher!

He also has blogs and a devianart, so feel free to check them up! I like watching them as I try to relax at home and they are very nice. If there is some trustworthy place where I will go for knowledge, is Arith. He is an archaeologist, a very good one, that follows all the ethics, so you can be sure that all the information he is sharing is, not only updated, but also reliable.

His paitings are terrific! I enjoy seeing him paint and am always amazed how good he is (one day, I will be like him! One day…)

If you want to check him up, just follow the links below. Hope you enjoy his content like I do!





(Arith’s media)

Arith Yotube

Arith WordPress

Arith Blog

Arith Devianart

Arith Twitter

Arith Instagram


(Disclaimer: I enjoy Arith content and that is why I wanted to share with you all his stuff – in no moment he asked for this and in no moment I am earning anything. Please, just give him a chance because he deserves it!)


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