Feminism matters

Today, as I was checking the newspapers, I found out that Portugal (particularly the Supreme Administrative Court ¬†is being sued by the European Court of Humans Rights. Why? Because the portuguese court said that a woman in her fifties, that was injured during a cirurgy to her reproductive system, making the act of sexual intercouse…… Continue reading Feminism matters

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Heavens sent punishment

If there is one thing I can’t live without, it’s coffee. It’s a heavens-sent¬†beverage that contains all that is good in the world. Except it doesn’t. Coffee isn’t necessarily bad. Like all of the world’s things that we consume, it’s not bad if it isn’t consumed too much. The other day, I read a report…… Continue reading Heavens sent punishment

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The bigger they are, the bigger the fall

We all have “those days”, the days were we aren’t at our best. Sometimes it’s hard, especially when it feels like we are in a tank full of water and it just keeps pilling up and we are losing our space to breath. Fast. I will not blame anything or anyone in my life for…… Continue reading The bigger they are, the bigger the fall

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Youtubers that I follow (and love)

We all have that one youtuber ( or youtubers) that we like to follow, watch videos and probably, give us “company” in certain moments. I follow quite a few but there is one that I have been following for quite some time that gives me a lot of different things – knowledge, company and kindness.…… Continue reading Youtubers that I follow (and love)