The city of Arts – La Vida Erasmus, La Vida Mejor Part VII


Bilbao, Bilbao. The days where so gray back then and I was just always so cold. It was also the first place I went with the ESN Complutense – so far, I hadn’t made it in time for any trips. Now, I could. With my precious people.

Of course Luis went, (I practically forced him to), Mariana and Danitza as well, my two favorite people in the world (they still are!), so fun times were assured. Sinan went as well (still love that guy to pieces) and I got the opportunity to meet a new fellow – Santo from Italy.

To say that, even with gray weather, I had lots of fun! Took dozens of pictures, laughed a lot, and went to the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. It was amazing! Couldn’t take much pictures inside, but it was beautiful and reinforced my idea that we should have better access to art around the world – Lisbon still has so much to learn regarding that.

Being in contact with different types of art and different types of points of views and feelings, was a little overwhelming. For a few hours, I questioned everything and there was… something shifting inside me. Even today, one year after that, I still get that very same feeling.

Apart from that, the trip to Bilbao was so relaxing and I had so much fun! Knew a lot of new things and will be sure to visit in warmer weather!

There are a lot of photos that aren’t still on my Instagram, but I will sure to put them soon enough. For now, see this ones (and more) at my Instagram!









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