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Harsh Monday

Today’s morning hasn’t been the greatest. As you all may know, I suffer from anxiety.

Today, I had a major panic attack.

Living with anxiety isn’t easy. You can’t really control it and what works for someone else might not work for you.

It’s been awhile since I went to a doctor, so I am not really sure how my condition is going right now. I just have the same procedures that the last doctor gave me.

I thought I had this covered, honestly, like I wouldn’t need major “fixes” or something. But today’s morning proved to be fatal: it was going like it normally was (debugging some things, fixing others) when I felt it- no air was entering my lungs and suddenly, I couldn’t breath.

It wasn’t the first time I had something like this: in the last year, I had three major panic attacks. I have come to terms (somewhat) with this: I try to find some place “safe” and just do a lot of breathing. In extreme cases, I need to take my pills.

Today was such case: even though I left the office for a few minutes, I couldn’t calm down. Even now, my body isn’t “right” yet.

It’s not easy living with this illness. Please, if you know anyone that suffers from anxiety, give them nothing but your utmost support. They need it and you can be sure they will appreciate it.




2 thoughts on “Harsh Monday

    1. Exactly what happened to me! It was just a normal, working day and then bam! Out of nowhere! It’s bad already to have one and it seems that the simple fact that I am having one makes it even worse! I am better, taking soothing pills helps my heart calm down at least. Thank you so much for your concern! 🙂

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