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Sweet summer child

Ah summer… The season (probably) half of the world is eagerly waiting for.

Not me. I really can’t like summer.

I have very little good experiences with summer, mainly because it doesn’t really give you the option to enjoy warm days. No, it goes straight from cold-harsh winter to blazing-hot summer.

I don’t mind heat as long it isn’t too  much, to the point my body is just water and I can’t even move without feeling like I am weigh more than the world.

There is only one thing that will probably save me: the balcony on the apartment.

At the end of the day, when I arrive home from work, I usually go there, with my laptop, and work. The sun isn’t hitting anymore (it only does in the morning) so I have an opportunity to enjoy a little of fresh air, little heat and not dying.

At night, I remain there, with a little USB lamp to keep me company and little and try to do as much as I can. I wish we could change our working hours and just work during the night, starting at dusk and finishing eight hours later.

We are with orange temperature alerts (the biggest one is red, even though we only reached there once since I remember) and if that doesn’t show how much I am going to suffer…. I don’t know what will.

And to think I still have four months to go… Autumn, come quickly!!

What about you? What season(s) do you prefer? Would love to hear it! 🙂



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