Call it your home

Hey, how is everyone doing?

I know it’s been a while since I wrote, but I just got my first, real project and my life has a become a sweet chaos of learning and work!

Last night, I had one of the weirdest sensations, one of which is so unusual that, when it happens, I always have to stop and ponder for a little while.

I had, for the first time since I have moved to my new home (it’s been officially one month!) the feeling that well… that was my house now.


Don’t get me wrong! Having a house that I can call my house is amazing! But, for the past twemty-five years, I had a place where it was my home, the place where I was born and grew up. I was so used to those walls, to those corridors, to those rooms, that I haven’t really thought about it.

When I moved to Fundão and into my new home, the first thing I did was make it homey and cozy. It’s still far from perfect, because only now I am getting enough to buy new things, but I am getting there!

The thing is, when I was just chilling in the living room, watching “13 Reasons Why”, I realised that, “Hey, this is my home now!” It was a weird feeling and it made me stop for a few seconds where it seemed my whole body was just noticing that it had something weird dressed and it was adjusting it to it.

It was a mixed sensation – good because hey, it’s  my actual home! Two, because apparently I got so used to it, it was weird. Like I have been living there all my life! I have spent 25 years in the capital, I have memories there, there was a house that it was my home and I, so quickly, replaced it.

I don’t know… Perhaps my will of moving away and of trying new things helped. Perhaps the fact that I had always meant to be in that house.. There may be a few perhaps, but it’s weirdly good for me to get used to it so quickly! Maybe those are the perks of growing up and discovering new things! You get the ability to quickly adapt to new environments!

What about you? Was there any new place where you quickly felt at home?

I would love to know! 🙂

Bye bye



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