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Sweet Monday

If there is one thing people generally hate, is Mondays. I, for once, don’t hate them.

I love them.


Ah Mondays… That day of the week everyone apparently like to hate.

Mondays always feel like the beginning of something, like it’s a new chapter of your life. It may sound somewhat silly, but it’s like I can start over. The weekends is where you turn off something (your work, your study, something) and on Mondays you can start all over. It’s almost… a new starting point, you restart your game,  you create a new character. Sometimes is a New Game Plus, where you have all the status of before, all its knowledge.

I usually arrive at work with a smile and good mood – it always gets ruined as the day passes, but I try to compensate thinking “It’s your new chance right now!”.

It never is – you can’t expect to be a new chance – you have to make it. The problem is when it doesn’t let itself be made by you.

Like I said, I like Mondays and the fresh start – I haven’t had a good Monday in a while, no matter how hard I try. But perhaps that’s exactly the problem – I am trying and sometimes, we just have to let them flow naturally.

What about you? What are your favorites days of the week? Would love to know!

Bye bye



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