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Spain – that country that everyone thinks Portugal is part of – La Vida Erasmus, La Vida Mejor Part VI

It’s been too long since my last post on my Erasmus adventure. My life has been even better than before and because of that, this little series of mine have been a little put off (especially since I  have started doing things on the sidelines).

After Valencia, the city that I have visited was Barcelona. And boy, was it amazing!

It was in my trip to Barcelona that I met two other portuguese – Maggie and Luís. Even though I still cherish Maggie nowadays, Luís was the one that I connected to. He was a sweet, young boy that awakened my motherly instincts. It was also good that I met him – having someone speak my mother language while I was having an adventure helped me connect to my fellow friends in Erasmus – for that, I will forever be thankful to Luís.

Barcelona was kind of disappointment to me. I was expecting much more from the city. Sagrada Familia was amazing though! I loved it and it was such an overwhelming feeling when I finally set foot inside. I can still clearly remember what I felt, what I saw, what I heard when I was inside. Everything became even more special when I went to the part below and it seemed like I was in Hogwarts – it became better when there was a chorus in there that started singing Pink Floyd. It would be better if Fábio was with me, but it was good nonetheless.

Park Guell was fantastic. Seeing all that art was just an experience that I won’t forget so soon – even with all the tourists in there. I had luck that day. It was sunny which made me get perfect light for photography. I don’t have all of them online yet, but I will soon.

Besides Park Guell and Sagrada Familia, Barcelona didn’t had much to show me.

It was a short ride to Barcelona – just two days and a half. The disco that we went to was awful, the days were cold, the beach was nice, and the people that I met were amazing!

It’s a short post because I really don’t know what to say about Barcelona,




One thought on “Spain – that country that everyone thinks Portugal is part of – La Vida Erasmus, La Vida Mejor Part VI

  1. nope, i never thought it was part of spain. and im not even good with geography.

    i do worry about the americas becoming slightly too chinese (as in government, not as in people) but i think portugal to be fair, has done about all it can in this regard.


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