New life

It’s official! My life in the <Academia de Código_> is coming to an end. Technically, it has already ended.

I have just finished my  first week in my new job at Readiness IT. I’m loving it. I have no problem right now with the things I have learned, especially since I have already learned a few of them before. But having a job and being the only one that has started working before the bootcamp has ended, in all of the bootcamps, is a mark in my life. More people had that chance, more people could do it, but it was I that made it! It was I that achieved that! And means that I have more chances and more “power” than I thought. It brings me confidence, it brings me happiness and it brings me stability.

Today, twenty-one <Beta_Code_Cadets> are being tested. Tomorrow, another twenty or twenty-one will also be tested. It’s starting to set that in just one week <Academia> will be over. In one week, most of the friends I made will go back home. I won’t miss most of the people I have met, but I will miss a lot of the ambient here. I will miss the knowledge.

But I will start a new life that I have already started. It will be even more official and I couldn’t be happier!

Today my boyfriend is being tested. I know he will make it because he is smart (probably one of the smartest person I have met!) and that will mean he will move in with me. My life is going well.

I will miss <Academia> and this will be my “home” for a few more days. I am missing it now, even though I won’t miss it in two weeks.  But I will go on knowing that, in the seven bootcamps that <Academia> had, I was the very first one to start working before it ended.

And that is perfect for me!


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