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There are probably hundreds of words that have no translation to other languages. I know a few but my favourite of all is “saudade”.

It’s portuguese-origin and it’s a word that means so much. The closest we have in english is “I miss you”. It doesn’t mean the same, but it’s close.

The thing is, “saudade” right now to me makes me remember of the time I spent on Academia de Código. It’s not over yet, but I found a job already in a company that means so much to me right now. I am working right now at Readiness IT – the company is one of the most attractive right now to me and I couldn’t be happier. For several reasons:

  • I am the first, in all bootcamps, that has started working BEFORE the bootcamp has finished;
  • It has a paycheck at the end of the month that makes me financially comfortable;
  • It has the opportunity to travel around the world.

I am loving my first day and I am pretty secure that I will manage really well in this company. But going to Readiness IT makes me leave something behind: the people of Academia and the Academia itself.

I loved the ambience in Academia. It had a great vibe, even though sometimes it wasn’t the best for actual learning. But the people that I dealt with and the people that I have met made me grow again, but grow so much. There is also people that I have grown to love dearly.

I found two people that I call my best friends with all the confidence in the world. Fred and Rui became the people that I grew to depend so much and being on Readiness made me leave them behind. Not really leave them in the sense of abandoning them, but in the sense that I don’t have them in my life nine hours a day. Minimum. It means that I can’t get up and go to them to see what I am doing great and what I could do better; I can’t talk to them easily, I can’t  feel them right next to me. That bothers me and saddens me.

I know Readiness is going to be a family but not having my two best mates with me is weird – at least in this first step. It reminds me of when I had to leave Fábio in Lisbon – he is a part of me, is an essential part of  my life and it’s not easy.

Saudade is that – is missing people, is missing feelings, is missing everything and more! Is having something inside you and not having it. It’s the worst feeling in the world – as is the best. It means you are human, it means you have a heart, a soul.

It means you are part of something.



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