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Up until a few months ago, my confidence levels were pretty low. There were a lot of things I didn’t do, didn’t say, didn’t dare to think.

Now, I can say that I am finally gaining my confidence back.

This picture was taken today. I did a little make up test and was so proud of it that I even posted online! It’s not easy for me to put selfies online or any kind of photos that have my face, because exatly of that – they have my face. Although I am still not 100% comfortable, I am working on it.

I am not going to lie – make up helps me. Not hardcore full make up, but simple make up, like this one. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrows and lipstick. Nothing more, nothing less. Will make posts about the make up I am wearing and my skin routine (I think it’s importatn) but right now, I wanted to make a point about how make up makes me feel.

It helps me “decorate” my face – in the sense that, it helps me show to the world the kind of person I am. Like my clothes and tatoo. It’s not about someone else – it’s about me and how I feel about it. All of it is cruelty-free.

Make up doesn’t make me prettier – we all have our beauty. But it does make me show something to the world and we all know how “looks” actually matter. Not in the sense of “if you are pretty, the world will smile to you!” but in the sense that it’s your outside that most of the time communicates with others – it’s how you act that defines who you are. Wearing make up helps me with that – it shows something that is so unconsciously that we don’t even realise it.

This is all to say – I feel so much better. I feel so much stronger. I feel like I can do anything. I feel me. And I wanted to share with you my picture just because I wanted to share my little success.

What about you? What makes you feel nice? What do you love more about yourself? Would love to hear it 😀

See you soon ~~



One thought on “Confidence

  1. all women from portugal are beautiful. ha– say what you will.

    i know a woman in her 60s who is a friend of mine, ive always liked her (shes married, its nice to talk to her though.) i told her my theory about portuguese women and she told me “you know im portuguese, right?” “oh, cmon!” “no, really!” “well, thats explains it.” do they need makeup? nah… if you like it though, cool. ive already seen a pic of you using a computer– and if it has to be makeup or using a computer… go for the computer! it looks good on you. cheers 🙂


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