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The perks of learning new things…

My intensive Java bootcamp has started to give fruits. The first is that I have learned actual, useful things. The second is I have two projects done (but completely need reviewing!) and the third… the third is that I will share them with you!

In case most of you don’t know, there is this platform, GitHub where programmers usually share their code with the world. It gives the open source meaning a whole new ideal and I am loving learning how to use it!

We had some differences in the past, Git and I…. Some troubles, some misunderstanding, some things we had to work out. Right now, it’s my best frien and I am loving the fact that I know how to use it (and being the few that actually feels 100% comfortable with it).

This all just to say… If  you want to check my Git, where I only have my two projects so far (have all the intentions of having so much more in the very near future!) you can do so here. Be free to comment on it, speak to me directly, criticize it, anything you want! (As longs as it is decent and actually relevant).

Would love to hear from you all!

What about you? Do you have any Git? Do you want to share? Post it below! 🙂

Bye bye



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