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When programming is your life… but your life can’t be programmed

It’s been over two weeks since I last posted an actual post, not just some picture. My life as a programmer hasn’t been easy… and it won’t get better.

I have been in a intensive Java bootcamp for the last two months. I try to get time to myself, but my life has basically become a series of lines of code. It’s coding in the morning, lunch, afternoon and night. I am not complaining, but the tiredness has started to settle in.

The good thing is, it’s starting to get it’s rewards. I might be faced with nine more months of programming learning ahead of me (if everything goes well!) and that may mean I probably will want to kill myself in the meantime. It’s good, it’s great if I face that challenge, but I really wish I had at least one-two weeks of rest.

In another note, Spring has come but not really. Fundão is still as cold as Siberia and I still have to wear more layers than I wish. The good part is, I finally have my car! The other good part is, I have more ideas for this blog. I will just need time to show them all.

Right now, I am planning my future posts, reviewing the comments, planning my future project and praying that life will go well!

What about you? What has been your life so far? Would love to hear it! 🙂

Bye bye



2 thoughts on “When programming is your life… but your life can’t be programmed

  1. hey, let me know if you ever want to try the only known programming language (well, theres probably a version of logo) in portuguese. its wayyyy beneath what youre doing in java, but it was co-written by (well, she definitely helped name a few of the commands) a girl from portugal.

    its not “real” portuguese, but based on fig (the portuguese version is called “figueira” and its u.s.a.-keyboard friendly, so i dont know how that works out on a keyboard set for european portuguese. since you know java, you you know that its not all real “english–” and figueira is not all real portuguese, in the same way.

    the reason there are no other portuguese programming languages (that im aware of– other than librelogo) is that localized keywords are not the most useful thing in the world. its generally better to have a standard keyword set than a localized one.

    nonetheless, i showed my native-portuguese friend fig first, then figueira later, and she tells me figueira “is easier.” same language– different keywords. hey, that was the idea of it. (figueira requires python 2, and compiles to python 2.)

    if youre wondering exactly what youd use figueira for– i designed it for tutoring. its now the main language i code in. but it takes less time to teach (imo) than basic or python. conceptually similar:


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