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When you find your soul (store)mate

As most of you might already know, I have changed for a more cruelty-free lifestyle. In my search for stores. I have found Lush four months ago. Since then, I have been a fan.

I have tried a few of the products and I have intention of trying a few more. The first ones where Dark Angels and Cupcake.

Dark Angels was great! Except the fact that my skin is sensitive (I found out later) and so it wasn’t nice on it. However, if your skin isn’t sensitive, go for it! Is great to clean your skin, nourish it and exfoliate at the same time!

Cupcake was a face mask that I enjoyed but again, had a not so great action on my skin…Next time, I should ask properly to the lady at Lush for advice.

Which was exactly what I did next time I went to Lush!

The girl advised me Angels on Bare Skin and Mask of Magnaminty to try out. She also gave me a sample of Enzymion and I bought Aromaco to try the whole solid deodorant thing.

I am loving them all! 

Angels on Bare Skin is the softer version of Dark Angels – it cleans and hydrates as good as Dark Angels, but with the twitch is good for my skin and isn’t aggressive to it. So far, my skin has improved greatly since I tried it and I advise it to everyone who needs a good cleanser for sensitive skins.

Mask of Magnaminty is great. It feels so fresh to my skin, it cleans it, it hydrates it and has allowed my mist skin to become so much better! I am doing it with two-three days space and will keep on that. In one month, will say how that went.

Enzymion is a facial moisturizer that I have heard before, with great reviews and when I told the girl what my skin exactly was, she gave me the sample to try it. When I checked the price, I thought of it a little overpriced but now that I have tried it, I have all the intentions of buying it. It’s great, it does exactly what I need it to do and like Mask of Magnaminty, I will tell you in one month how that went.

Aromaco was a good surprise for me. I was a little skeptic with the whole “solid deodorant”, but my experience has been more than positive. I don’t have anything to complain so far – it does what it is supposed to – hydrates my skin, cleans all the bacteria and lets my skin breathe. I will buy a new one in a few days just to try another and see how it goes, but so far, Aromaco has been great!

This weekend I will be back to Lisbon just for a quick visit to my family and boyfriend and so I will go for a quick jump to Lush to get new stuff (just to try them on) and I will be sure to tell you what I got!

What about you? Have you bought anything from Lush? Do you have any favorites? Besides Lush, what other cruelty-free store do you like? Be sure to tell me on the comments, I would love to know! 🙂


5 thoughts on “When you find your soul (store)mate

  1. im not much of a makeup-wearer myself– i had to laugh though, because of the way you wrote the title; and because just yesterday a girl i know fairly well was talking about how much she adores lush.

    thats the best i can do for a comment on this topic 🙂


    1. Please, try Lush! It’s 100% cruelty-free and it has the best products that I have tried so far! And thank you for commenting – the fact that you did, and when you mentioned that you laughed (always aim to make people smile!) made me so happy! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 100% cruelty-free is an awesome feature, its true. i would even mention that to friends.

        i dont personally use makeup, though if that changes lush will likely be the first thing i try, thanks 🙂


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