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Gonna March into that spring!

(Let’s face it, I have the worst puns ever!)

March has finally come. It is the start of Spring, one of my favorites seasons (I am pretty sure I only like Summer when it’s in a dry weather). Spring in Fundão has showed me a glimpse of what Summer will be – hot, dry and just perfect.

I have been waiting for this month since I moved in here for the simple reason that I thought it meant that I would warmer (Fundão is just so cold and my house doesn’t get wam!). I was gravely mistaken.

We got a weekend with nice weather, like the one in the picture. It lasted for three days. I was so happy those that came to the point my class was wishing it was like that every single day (happy me is better to deal with than normal me, apparently) and nothing could ruin that.

Except the cold days that are following it.

It hasn’t been warm since then. I come to class shivering, I leave shivering. It seems like I just can’t get warm no matter what. But March is bringing good things – I am finally starting to feel more comfortable with the whole programming and there is a hight chance that my boyfriend will join me soon – which gave me the strength and motivation to work even harder. It seems everything is surely and safely falling to place and I couldn’t be happier.

What about you all? What is March bringing for you? What expectations do you have for it? I would love to hear them 😀


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