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Why snow is important(for me)

I am twenty four years old. It’s an age where you have the most depressing thoughts and where you start to seriously question your life and all your choices, but it’s also the age where you take those important steps – one way or another.

For twenty years, I have never seen snow. Ever. Never touched it, never felt its coldness in my hands, never knew what it was like. Four years ago, I did it for the first time, for a short period. It was magical, it was impressive and I still have those memories saved in my brain. I just lost the photos, but the rest remains.

Two weeks ago, I saw snow for the second time.

One of the things we have to understand about me is that, deep down, I am romantic. I have a romantic view on life, which constantly clashes with my worse side. It keeps the balance.

Two weeks ago, it snowed on Fundao. The last time it did, it was seven years ago and the whole city went out just to play in it (spoiler alert – no one in Fundao stays in the street past seven, eight pm). It was amazing and most importantly, it was magical. Especially since I had my boyfriend over visiting me.

The snow was so, so fluffy. Nothing like the last time when I touched and it was so fun! We got to play with it, had some snowball fights, built a snowman… Everything that I wished for, and more.

We don’t have snow in Lisbon. Max, we have major ice (so rare!!) and to me, which always loved the cold weather, the coziness you get home with the heater (or, if you are lucky, the fireplace) is so nice. It feels so good and I couldn’t be happier. I have always felt that snow was a major part in my life, like it belonged to some part of me, like it was just right. I have always loved snow and living in a place where I am just so close to it, feels so nice.

Snow is pure. It’s the most white you can get, the most pure form of cold and when it snows, the whole world stops. It’s like nothing else is happening, like everything just stands still, like Nature itself is waiting for it to be over, before starting anew. There’s some sort of respect for it, like it’s such an important event that everything just needs to stop and breath.

Snow is the pinnacle of perfection for me. There isn’t a snowflake that is equal to another. When it snowed here, I just stood and watched.

And it felt like the whole world was right.



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