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When live gives you lemons, you make lemonade

I am not very good at making friends. I have no idea how to follow the whole “How to make friends: A guidebook for begginers”. I am the type of person that, if you don’t talk to me, I will just assume you don’t like me. Ever since I have moved to Fundao, making friends isn’t hard – just for the simple fact that I am five days a week with a class of eigtheen guys and one girl.  We pratically live with each other, which makes you almost be forced to make friends.

I have no idea how Fred and I started talking.

In one day we were just classmates, the other the both of us were calling “dear colleague” to each other. It was cute and it’s still cute the fact that we do in fact still call each other that. We were quick to understand that our knowledge was pratically the same level – two weeks later, we got seperated and things didn’t get better from there on. But before that, we managed to become friends. He has his life, his tastes and hobbies and I have mine. I feel comfortable in his company and the magical thing about our relationship is that I have no idea how it started – it just did. Same with Tiago and Rui.

I have no idea how I became friends with them. I have no landmark to say “in this day, we became friends”. But now, the three of them, are my best friends here. Some more than others, and some in more things than others, but the three of them are the ones who I feel I can trust. I have other people who I like and other people that I adore, but I can feel so well in their presence – I don’t feel judged, compared and nothing of the sort. They are accepting me for who I am, they can talk to me with no problems and most importantly, they look at me for the person I am inside – not what I am outside.

And that is the best thing in the world.

What about you? Do you have any friends that leave you competely safe and confortable? Do you have any friends that you don’t know when you started to become friends? Let me know 🙂


4 thoughts on “When live gives you lemons, you make lemonade

  1. i think its a process, where by the time it reaches a certain point we just put our finger on it and say “there!”

    even if you cant find the point, its largely arbitrary. its after the fact. even when i fell in love with the woman i would marry, i didnt notice until she went home after our first day together– nothing planned, everything spur of the moment, from the moment we met. we were too busy enjoying each others company (nothing “serious” happened that day, except dinner and a cuddle) to figure anything out.

    i think friendship is similar. you realize that youre having fun and– oh! wait, are we friends.

    quite often its so. i had a friend that i talked to in a store one time, eventually we hung out watching some old british sci-fi from decades ago. i didnt know if we were “friends” for possibly months. we definitely were by the time we became housemates, even travelling out of state. but that was over a year later.


    1. I so agree with you! I think those are the best friendships – the ones that naturally come up, you build it without noticing and suddenly, it’s seems that person is part of your life like it has always been. It’s a wonderful feeling! 😀

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