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When you don’t have time and everything crumbles

I have been (as you all may very well know) in a programming bootcamp. An intensive bootcamp. Which means a lot. We are basically compressing everything that students learn in three years in three months. And I am starting to feel the pressure.

Having three years cramped in mere months, for someone that hasn’t seen programming pratically ever (I have pseudo coded in HTML eight, nine years ago just to change a little of my blog back then and that was it) and honestly, it has been fun. But so, so stressful too.

Programming is hard. Programming is harder when you don’t understand half of it. Since we have so little time, they expect us to learn the basics before and understand half of the gibberish they are saying. I easily get lost in it. Worse of it, I am in a cold place (it was -4 Celsius last week) and I got sick. Sick and tired and I can’t keep up.

I love what I am doing. I am having fun but it is also so blocking. If you block somewhere, you block everywhere. You don’t move forward but you don’t move backward either.

With all that, I have been sick and so, so tired this lasts few days, which is why I haven’t been writing in here – which bothers me because I really want to keep doing this. I have known that this would be stressful but never like this. The main problem is that this isn’t on my pace, which changes everything.

What about you all? Are you managing well your time? What have you been doing? I would love to know 🙂






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