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Sunday, lazy sunday

Sundays are dreaded – for the simple reason they anticipate Monday. I am not a fan of Sunday, but I enjoy those lazy ones – the ones where you just enjoy, where you have the chance to just chill, relax, think about what happened and what is yet to come.

My Sunday wasn’t that relaxing.

I have the very bad habit of not starting things at proper time. I just suffer from the highest procrastination and I have the stupid midset of “I will have time later”.  Spoiler alert – you never have time later.

I have been in Fundão for a week. I had major plans and all that and honestly, I still have them. The thing is, if I don’t have them really planned, I will easily lose track of things and not just do anything.

So, before I begin to prepare all of the posts I want to write here (and they are a lot!) let me tell you about my week.

Fundão is cold. Colder than I expected honestly. Madrid was really cold, a dry cold and there were times where I went to college at 6 am when there was -5 C outside. I didn’t mind – I had warm clothes. But Fundão is different.

Portugal has a major big problem with the weather – the closer you are to the sea, the humid it is, the colder it feels like. I had hoped Fundão would be like Madrid in that. Unfortunately, it retains many of Lisbon’s weather problems ( I already have a cold, even though I have almost five layers of clothing).

Either way, it has been a nice change of pace – have a second home, get to work on a iMac (I have been a Windows girl since I can remember), living on a home by my own again (not the best) and I got to meet new eighteen guys – and a girl (which is sad just existing one girl but it’s better than anything honestly). It’s been fun honestly – the chance to actually feel like I am doing something with my life, to put it order, is the best – even if I will forever feel like a failure for reaching my age and not having anything good.

The weird part was just the constant calling by my teachers – not sure if it was because they think I don’t know or if because they want me to “show off” (like they told me to do back in the interview). The thing is, is fun, I am learning things and I am connecting with people – and that is the best thing ever. Even with the whole “guy drama” that is going on (testosterone level sky rockets here!).

Will keep you all updated and I have all the posts half planned so the blog will be going on.

If you want to leave your thoughts, be sure to do it on the comment section! 🙂

Bye bye!


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