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Your Erasmus isn’t the city you choose, but the country that comes with it- La Vida Erasmus, La vida mejor Part V

It’s been nearly a year since I packed my bags and went on a journey that still today I remember fondly – and get sadder that it has ended.

I have the objective to finish my sharing of my Erasmus life before that first anniversary comes up, so let me tell you all about my first journey behind Madrid.

Valencia was a city that I wanted to visit because everyone kept talking about its famous City of Arts and Sciences, a place I was promised it would amaze me for its sublime and magnificent architecture.

I was not disappointed.

I went to Valencia for a single, simple reason – Ludovico Eunaudi. I had known him since my mother introduced me to him, a good few years back. My favourite album is “Nightbook”, right before “Divenire”, the first one that I actually heard. I owe my mother a lot of my musical taste and the fact that she allowed me to study piano – a thing that I still wish I had the opportunity to continue.


The concert was amazign and I admit, I cried at the beginning. The chance to be there, to see someone that still inspires me and most of all, that reminds me of old times, made me feel so many things. I will treasure those memories for years to come.

Going to Valencia has also made me realise one thing – how cheao a journey can be if you are willing to deal with a few things – like sharing a room with nine more people, enjoy a long ride on a bus, albeit it was confortable (props to you Avanza!)

But I had a blast! It was so much warmer than Madrid, I felt the Mediterrean for the first time in my life and I got even further away from home – and loved it! I felt that I could do so many things, that there was nothing that could stop me and that helped me overcome so many things in life!

Valencia was the first place where I travelled 100% on my own, where I just took the money and went for it and all the memories of it are still so fresh in my head.

Valencia was the first city beside Madrid that I was visitng in Spain and it was a starting point to many good things  – but that will be in another post.

Will leave you with some of the pictures I took while I was there. Hope you enjoy!


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