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New year’s resolution – Why you have to actually make them come true

A week ago, I talked about how I had a resolution for this years – I have a few and the first one just became true.

I entered a bootcamp for programmers.

I have known about this bootcamp a few years ago but back then we had to have a degree to be able to enter. It changed over time which allowed a more open requisite for a far wider range of people. As long as you have the passion and the vibe for programming, you have a good chance to enter it.

It has been a week since I have been here and you can be damn sure I am loving it!

It has been over a half of decade since I had such an objective. I have a purpose, a way and means to achieve what I want, what I need, what is going to be good for me. And I think that is the most important thing in the world – to have a thing you really want to do, to accomplish and have a very straight way to do it. If you drift from that way, if you lose focus – everything falls apart. You can have all sort of obstacles but as long as you keep going, if you truly keep going, things will sort out and they WILL make things meet- but you have to get up and do it. I have achieved nothing by doing nothing – I got up, started doing what I had to to achieve what I need and that is what ahas made me get what I have today – happiness, a feeling of fulfilment and you can be pretty damn sure that there are very few things that can make you this happy.

What about you? Have you managed to achieve any new year’s resolution? Would love to hear them :).

Bye bye


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