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New year, new life

When I was a kid, I never really understand the grown-ups that said things like “In this new year, I will try harder at X!” The year never restarted to me – I still had classes, I still had exams, there was not that feeling of restart, of starting new for me.

Now, in my mid-twenties, I start over every year.

It’s not hard start over when the whole world does it, in the sense that, you have all the help to do it. Gyms have new years plans, fashion begins anew, there are new programs for all type of activities and so forth. Adding to the fact that it’s almost a socially norm to do a new year’s resolution. The thing is, is just a social construct. You don’t actually need a new year to start something, albeit it is easier to do it when you do in the first month of the year. It sounds more legit “Oh hey, I am going to start that new diet on the first of January!” Or if your goal is to go to the gym every day for at least an hour, it’s easier to say how many hours you have trained.

The thing is, I understand now the whole importance of “New year, new me!”. I get it and I think it is a great way to start anew, even though you don’t really need it.

For the first time in my life, I have entered a new year with the most calming feeling. I didn’t stress because I didn’t go to Praça do Comércio to watch the fireworks (I ended up watching fireworks close to home either way), I didn’t care that I had a huge party or went to somewhere nice – I was with my boyfriend, back home, just enjoying our presence. We celebrated the New Year with a huge kiss and a big hug and with chocolate (hmm… chocolate…) and I have never felt more at peace with everything.

I also have a purpose now. It’s more like an objective – I know exactly what I want to do, what I want to accomplish. I started the year knowing I was the best at the JavaScript Chode Challenge that a code school created, which ensured that I could pass to the next and final challenge. I created high expectations for them  (I honestly didn’t want it!) and I will try to achieve them – or surpass them although I am sure it won’t be easy. It’s easy for me to try to code while I’m at home, dressed the way I want, with all my comfort, than in a cold place like Fundão, surrounded by people, with a tight shcedule.

I also have created a plan for this blog, for my secondary blog (it’s mainly in portuguese) and I have intentions of creating my own Youtube channel to try to help portuguese people (and also to get helped) in knowing about cruelty-free products and affordable clothing, as well as also including my life as gamer (there aren’t many portuguese gamer girls and the ones that I know are a little… cringy 😦 ). I will make this happen for the single reason that I have left my master degree – I wasn’t happy with it and I have no regrets of not doing it. I know I can always come back later but right now, I don’t want it near me!

I still want to learn new things and I am thinking about shortening my working hours (or stop working all together) to just focus on what I really want to learn anew – there are a lot of online courses with a certificate that I am interested and also cities near me have courses for people who want to learn. So, if the Code Bootcamp fails (for now) I will probably try those out. There are many opportunities out there and if I have the privilege of getting them, I shouldn’t let them escape.

After all of this little rant, I would like to know: do any of you have any New Years resolution? Have you any plans for the near future? What do you wish to accomplish? Feel free to share, I would love to know 🙂

Bye bye


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