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Public transportation is the best place to check the world

I haven’t used public transportation for a few months now – since I got my car, started to work properly and decided to leave my master course.

It has its advantages but it also has its disavantages.I have noticed more and more I pratically don’t have those “quiet times in the world to myself”. Those times where I just standed somewhere and just watched. Didn’t think about what was going on or anything in particular. Just watched the world around me.

What people were doing; how they reacted; how they looked; the sounds and smells of the world.

I miss those times, not going to lie.

Everything is in my hands, I just need to take some time, one or two day a week, and just sit somewhere and watch. I need it and I think everyone should try it- perhaps it’s not your thing or maybe you will find that it is!

Let me know how that goes! Or if you already have this “ritual” tell me about something that struck with you while just enjoying the world! 🙂

Bye bye


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