What happens when I’m not here

Currently, my whole life is in a mess. A neither good or bad mess. Just a mess. Like a piece of yarn all tangled up. For some, it may be a problem; to others is a challenge.

For me, my life is that yarn and I look at it in both ways.

Messy lives aren’t necessarily a bad thing. The thing is, mine isn’t just one color yarn – it’s several. All of my interests have a correspondant color and they are all a messy confusion because I can’t decide what to do – even though I have an idea. The problem is “Where to start?”

Right now, I have stopped my Master degree and is honestly the best thing I did in a long time! Is like I could finally find the string in that messy yarn problem and pull it out easily! Deciding to not finish my Master degree has allowed me to focus on things that actually interest me – maths and programming.

There is this opportunity that has shown and I can’t let it go. So in the past few days, my hours have been filled in learning programming, actual programming… and more learn programming. I am having the time of my life! (Even when I can’t find that syntax error!)

I am trying to make blogging my part-going-full-time “job” alongside with programming. I have an actual part time job that doesn’t require much of outside work – I am an assistant teacher in a study center. As long as I keep my mind fresh and don’t forget everything they learn in class (I have the obligation to actually know what the kids learn!) I don’t have much work. Sometimes, as they do some homework, I can advance programming learning.

This also allows me to write down things for the blog. In this Christmas, I had a storm of ideas for the blog and my Youtube channel and I have all the intention of putting it in use!

When I am not in here, I am programming and/or thinking about thinks I can do here and all the themes I want. Sometimes, just to not forget, I write them ideas down on my moleskine and come to my computer with everything pratically planned!

What about you? Is blogging your full-time aspiration? Is it just for fun? What is your intention with your blog?

Leave in the comments, I really want to know! đŸ˜€

Bye bye!




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