Why voting matters

I live in a  country which has its own rules of politics (that can be as confusing as the U.S. are for example). Our government is a semi-presedential consitutional republic, which means that it’s the people that actually choose their rulers. Each county chooses their deputies and the majority of the country chooses the actual government.

One year ago, my country went to elections and the results were surprising.

First of all, the political party that won the government wasn’t exactly the majority that the country choose and the others parties joined together to form government (which was fine by me!) but there was an even bigger surprise than no one expected: PAN elected a deputy.

First of all PAN stands for “Pessoas-Animais-Natureza (People-Animals-Nature)” and their ideas are pretty simple – they fight for the rights of all the planet. PAN was never really famous because everyone only cared about the bigger parties (like PSD, PS, BE and so forth). So it was really surprising when they managed to elect one deputy.

Honestly, that meant A LOT for my country. The fact that a party that had “ridiculous and unimportant ideas” like so many had said before managed to elect at least one deputy, meant that the mentality is changing. Which is great honestly.

People  usually received the news with a “like one single deputy will make the difference!”.

It did. Hell it did.

We have more advance in laws regarding basic human rights (PAN managed to approve the adoption for same-sex couples after all – not co-adoption, but full adoption) it managed to make better helps for anything animal related (medical help, no more killing in shelters, just to say a few examples) and are making advances in bullfighting. Which is a big deal in my country because Portugal still thinks it’s a “tradition that should be kept”.

Everyone keeps saying “Just my vote won’t matter!” It will. It fucking will. Remember- it mattered for PAN. Everyone that wanted to vote for them managed to put a deputy in the government. It may seem small, it may sound useless, but it isn’t- PAN has made more advances in basic rights than ever in just one year. It isn’t appear to be much but it is. Everyone kept saying that the parties are all the same, that they are all corrupt, but PAN has been proving them all they are wrong- at it’s marvelous!

So please, when you have to vote, vote please. Even if you have to vote on the better case scenario, please do. For real- it DOES matter. It IS important. It IS important. For the sake of you and everyone around you.


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