Writing – An Endless Work

I have been writing since I have learned how to write. Not just mandatory text – fictional text as well.

As I have said before, I have written many things and my mind is always full of ideas and creativity. The main problem is to put that into paper.

Sometimes, the mere thought of writing makes me shake – I always have the fear that I will not be able to put to paper exactly what I thought or that, as soon as I put into paper, it will vanish. Forever.

I try really hard to write every single thing I think about (even the whole dialogues and scenes in my mind) because a few weeks later it will come in handy. Even nowadays I still have to try really hard to do this, because that irrational fear that everything will disappear lingers in the back of my head.

I always try to take a notebook with me – even though I write so much faster in the laptop, there is this magic in paper and pen that technology will never erase (except when the time of putting your thoughts to words happen).

It’s during the night or while I’m driving that my imagination is at it’s peak. Which is bad because I can never write then. Still, I try to have a pen and notebook in hand. Most of the times, I also “force” myself to write-  like when the imagination voices just won’t shut up and I have to take it off my head and I force myself to write what I have to say.

This follow a never-ending writing process where I don’t edit anything at all. Just write. Sometimes I just get my laptop, open word and just write. Doesn’t matter how bad it looks like, I just write. Edit can come later. Much later is preferable.

I also try to list a plot, if I actually have one. There is this idea where I have all of the plotline figured out, where everything is planned, where I have written every single detail. It just needs to be written. It has been waiting eight years for me to pick it up because I still think I am not ready yet. I honestly think that I need to mature a little more before I pick it up again because I am pretty sure that I will have a few plotholes or mistakes that need to be fixed.

So my habits have been pretty much the same:

  • Take a notebook and pen everywhere (literally!);
  • Write. Force yourself to write when you have an idea. Even if you are afraid or it sounds stupid, write. Sometimes later you will be surprised;
  • As soon as a idea pops up, write;
  • Take a few minutes everyday to just write. You will see that you will start writting more;
  • Don’t edit. Writting is like a good wine – you create it, let it sit for a while and then you open up to savour the taste. In writting is the same – you write like crazy, until everything runs out, leave the paper alone for a few days and then edit out. You will be surprised how much thinks you will want to change and how much you will want to add. Repeat the process until your story is finished.

What about you? What are your rituals when it comes to writting? Leave in the comments below, I am curious to know! 😀


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