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Book junkie – where to buy cheap books in English

I have been a book junkie since I could read. It came to the point where I won the prize of “Best Reader and User of the Library” three consecutive years back in my middle school (I wish my mother didn’t throw them away by mistake :(.

I have hundreds of books I want to read and a few dozens that I have yet to read that I already own (it’s ridiculous- I wish I had more time to do everything!).

But the problem is the price. Portugal prices are ridiculous, especially when you realise that writers are really bad paid (they don’t even get 10% of the final price, can you believe it!) so I try to buy them in English, which usually is at a better price (even though those have started to get higher). So I was super happy when a friend of my showed me this site.

It’s called “Book Depository” and you can find it here. Main good thing- they are cheap! At an fair price in my opinion and affordable. Bonus point- they ship free!

So guess who is going to order some?! That’s right, I will!

What about you? What books do you want to read and what books are you wishing were on your private library right now? Please let me know 🙂


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