Why I love archaeology but will still change my course

Since I was in seventh grade, I wanted to be an archaeologist, not even joking. The thrill of finding new things, of studying old stuff, the perspective of being in a place where nothing was 100% certain and you could find something that could potentially change everything, was really exciting for me.

As so was informatic, language, editing and translation.

My mother always told me that if I could, I would have clones. I always had so much will of learning everything – I honestly hated not knowing things, wathever they were. Even today I still have the urge of wanting to know every single thing about the world and feeling so down when I realise I don’t have the lifespan for it.

The thing is, I wanted to be a true archaeologist. But now I can’t.

The golden age of archaeology is slowly fading, being replaced by other more important and relevant topics – like technology and everything that is afflitiated with it. It’s not a bad thing – I think we should all be more technology aware, but still keeping with our cultural knowledge.

The thing is, archaeology isn’t going to survive as it is nowadays – the nautical archaeology will, especially because diving archaeology isn’t really well developed and we need more specialist in that area – but the terrain archaeology is everyday more useless, depending of course, on the country. Portugal, for example, isn’t needing it anymore. What it does need is more cultural knowledge, more cultural advocation to the common public and more widespread of cultural everything  -wether its history lesson or awareness of heritage danger and conservation.

The thing is, I feel more and more useless in my course and I am feeling like this in the past three years – the feeling has only grown larger. I am trying to finish my master degree in its due time, but I have a major feeling I won’t make it (I wanted to at least do my first year of subjects and just leave the thesis year).

The thing is, I regret more and more the fact that, eleven years ago I thought “I am not going for science yet – it will be at least 10-15 years before Portugal can reach the technologic level of the rest of Europe”. I wanted to be a developer of games back then and thought I had the time to go easy.

I was wrong and now I am running against time.

Please, please don’t be like me and please follow your first instinct! (I had, after all, the strongest desire of going to science but my naivity and a stupid, stupid mistake made me go for humanities). They are usually right!

I know this post wasn’t exactly cheerful and I will try to cheer up the ones to come, promise!

What about you guys? Is there anything you regret doing/not doing when deciding on your academic future? Please share it with me if you want!


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