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Cruelty Free products 

As I grow and mature, so does my understanding of the world around me.  In the past few months, there has been a topic that I am still working on –  cruelty free products. 

Cruelty free products are something that we should start thinking about buying instead of the “normal” brands.  Especially cosmetics products (I will be doing another post about other products in the near future). 

It’s amazing how many products are tested on animals,  little living things that have no voice to protest,  especially to superficial things like cosmetic. Why should they be tortured and hurt so that we can all look better? 

Technology and science have gone a long way in the past years,  so now we can safely test products in safe and cruelty free laboratories,  which can later be safely used on humans for dermatological testing.  

I am honestly so sad that major companies like L’Oréal and Johnson&Jonhson are still doing tests on animals and I have no intention of buying anything from them ever again (at least until they are 100% cruelty free!) 

The thing is,  some of the make up and cosmetic products I used were from brands that are still not cruelty free and I am in search of ones that are.  I know that PETA (I honestly don’t really trust them ever since major polemics came out of their procedures) and “Leaping Bunny” have lists and apps, but there are a lot of companies that aren’t part of any of these lists and advocate cruelty free procedures (like Kiko). 

So,  I have a favor to ask all of you : leave a comment to some of the brands you use (or know of)  that are cruelty free and in which country they are selling (if you know. I will keep on my search but would be really grateful that you could help! 


14 thoughts on “Cruelty Free products 

    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to comment and I am so happy that you liked it! 🙂
      If you know any Cruelty-Free companies or any friends that could help with this “little” project of mine and direct them to this comment section, that would be so helpful!
      Hope you enjoy your time in this blog of mine!

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  1. Hi Sofia! I’m vegan so at the moment I’m using up all non cruelty products until they run out and then replacing with cruelty free and vegan ones! The only brand that I know is completely vegan and cruelty free is E.L.F. (although I don’t know if you need it to be vegan too?) They are a brand which you can order online and are quite cheap and seem quite good from what I have of theirs. In the UK (EU) you are not allowed to test on animals for cosmetics. But in places like china it is a legal requirement to test products on animals before they are sold if they were made outside of china. So that’s why a lot of places say “we are cruelty free… an exception could be made if regulatory authorities required it for safety or regulatory purposes.” so Like mac, l’oreal… places like that.. but most companies say this on their website so look out for it! Here is a link to cruelty free brands hope that was helpful!

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    1. Thank you so much, this post is the perfect start for me! They don’t need to be 100% vegan, my first objective is finding 100% cruelty-free, no animal testing (with bonus points that they don’t sell on China). I also have the same problem – will finish the products I have at home (like a skincare product from Nivea and shower gel from Johnson&Johnson!)
      About E.L.F it looks so cheap and nice! I will be sure to order from them and try them out!! Thank you so much for the tip! 😀


  2. Some of my fave brands are Pacifica (they do everything from makeup to perfume to candles and Naturismo ships it free internationally), Elf (they ship so cheaply to the UK!!), Barry M, Sleek, Gosh. More on the expensive side are Pai skincare, Kat Von D and obviously Lush which can be fairly affordable! Xx

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  3. Hi there,
    I love that you’re blogging about this topic too. Only a few weeks ago I realised just how many products still tested on animals..I was so shocked. So I’ve set a bathroom cupboard toiletries challenge on my blog! I’d love for you and your followers to please take a look and add a picture for the challenge in my comments box. Thanks so much… and keep up the good work of championing this topic!


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