To whom I am writing this – an introduction about what I want this blog to be

This isn’t my first blog and I am not sure if it will be the last. I created my first blog back in 2007-2008, when I was just a fresh teen. I should have continued those blogs back then (I had two – one in LiveJournal and one in Blogger) because I realise know that those were the beginning years – which means that my posts wouldn’t be so easily lost amidst the thousands of thousands that exist today. I am happy that blogging and internet overall is reaching everyone nowadays, don’t think the contrary – I am just sad that I had the potential but I couldn’t see it back then. I didn’t really had an objective with those blogs – I just wanted to write about the things that I cared about and connect to people across the world that liked them as well – like games. 

In my early teens I found out about the marvelous world of games – my very first game that I played was “The Little Mermaid” on PSOne but the one I became so obsessed (to the point I would want for school to be over just so I could play it) was Final Fantasy VIII. Back then, FF wasn’t really popular in Portugal – only know it is starting to achieve the fame that it should have gained  at least fifteen years ago.

The thing is, I was a teen girl that liked games. My classmates wouldn’t even let me talk about it and my friends didn’t care. So my only escape was the internet. I managed to meet a lot of people in forums that liked the same things I did. For that, I wish I had continued those blogs – perhaps I would have more people to talk to.

Either way, I have grown and so have my interests – I still love games, I still want to meet people that want to talk about them, but I also want to meet and talk to people that care about technology, gadgets, photography, travel and make up (yes, typical girl, sue me).

I haven’t started in full about most of these topics because I have other priorities right now – need to finish my semester, organize my math study and receive the materials to start proper blogs (like make up stuffs and a camera – it’s on its way!).

Either way, those are my main topics – I also have the intention of writing a little off-topics things – like personal things or things that I just want to share.

Hope all of you who have read so far would like to keep up with me and if you want to share what you like to talk about, if you want to share anything with me, feel free to do it in the comments!



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