Another insider of yours truly – A quote that stuck with me

When you reach the botom, the only place to go is up.

The first time I heard this was back in 2001, when I watched “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”, and underrated Disney that I absolutely loved! (Honestly, the movie is really worh a watch and the characters are so diverse and unique!) This particular quote was said by Dr. Sweet, the medical officer in the final scenes of the game, where Milo was completely lost about what to do now that Kida was trapped in the crystal and taken by Rourke and Atlantis’ king was dead. 

Back then, I was just a tomboy kid, in my fourth grade. I was completely mesmerized by everything in the movie: the colours, the characters, the story, the atlantean language. Back then, I only saw the movie twice max. I had the VHS of it, but I was under  strict rules, which limited a lot of things I could (watching “Pocahontas” times enough that my brothers knew the whole movie by heart was the main cause of such rules I will admit).

The thing is, I was nice years at the time and still today, the quote stayed with me. It had a huge impact and when things got rough, like when they did with Milo, I always remembered this quote. It kept me going, it made me look to the situation in another light. Even though it inspired me, I didn’t really gave it much though, not a phisological one.

Now it does. Because, let’s be honest, when you hit the bottom, there is no other place you can go but up- except staying there, I suppose. That kind of mentality, the whole “Dude, you don’t have anything else to lose, just go for it!” it’s the kind of mentality that I should have more times than I actually do. That we all should probably have more times than we do.

There are a lot of things that scares us – taking that job, meeting that person, doing that thing, taking that chance. We are so scared of everything, we overthink so much when sometimes we really don’t need to. Of course, there are a lot of things that we can lose so easily – but sometimes we have lost everything. So why not risk it? Why not take the chance?

Think to yourself – will I really lose that much if I take the risk?

And other times, when you reach the bottom, when there is nothing for you to lose or do, think – I have reached the bottom – I either stay in bottom or go up. Which one do you prefer?*


*Of course this doens’t count for situations that are out of your control like not getting a job even if you are desperatly looking for one, or such other situations. 



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