Regret. It’s a word everyone knows and that we all, at some point in our lives (or several points in our lives) have felt.In one way or another, there was something that we regret doing – or not doing. It can go from a simple thing like “I should have talked back to him!”, to something so bigger like “I should have taken that job.

I regret a lot of things in my life. There are times where I wish I could just go back in time or at least have prior knowledge of what is going to happen. The biggest regret that I still have is not following the Science and Technology course when in High School. Today I realise how much I wanted to follow Informatics but decided on a stupid influence to choose Languages. It wasn’t bad – I had a lot of friends and really liked the course – but it didn’t really clicked with me. I continued to spend my time with anything that involved the world of computers and its software.

We still need people in Humanities, sometimes more than ever – basically, we need more cultured people so that we don’t have an increasing of racist, homophobic, sexist groups growing in power. But I should have went for Science, I should have followed my instinct instead of following what was comfortable. Now I have the triple of the work because changing for informatics or anything related to it is going to make me spend most of my time reviewing basic math and learning high school math.

So yes, I regret my high school decisions and with that I have learned a thing – follow your instincts. Mine kept yelling “Don’t go there! Go for science! Or at least go for a pratical course that has actual informatic use!” and I decided to ignore it because in language I had my friends. I was too scared of making new ones and more importantly, I thought I wasn’t good enough for science. A stupid idea, created by my colleagues that kept telling that my A+ grades were because I was a boot-licker and not because I actually tried so hard!

So please, follow what you want, do or don’t do things – but please, try to not have any regrets like I do!

And you, what regrets do you have? Feel free to leave them on the comments!


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