Ah, nature. The place where we all started, millions year ago. The place where half can’t live without and half can’t even see it!

The place where I live doesn’t have that much of nature around it – not what I call true nature. You don’t have miles of just pure nature, of plains or forests or anything that isn’t buildings and cities! I really don’t count with Sintra because even there, you walk a few miles and bam! Buildings!

Two years ago, I went digging in Castelo de Vide, a place near the frontier with Spain and in Alentejo, a region known of being pratically empty of human life. It’s a wonderful place if you want to have that “I just want to wander and not see anything but nature for miles”. Unfortunately, at the moment it isn’t really easy for me to go there for a few days – because I don’t have the time or the money for it. Not that it’s exensive – you can find pretty nice and cheap places in Alentejo – but because I don’t feel financially secure for it. Besides, I want for the Spring to arrive – Alentejo is prettier then.

The thing is, we don’t have a place where I can have a calm moment like the featured picture arises within me. There are places like this in Portugal – fortunately (or unfortunately) everyone concentrates either on Lisbon or Porto, leaving the rest of the country pratically desert. This isn’t really good because it’s leaves everything depopulated but it has its good part – it creates new places that nature is slowly getting back.

Of course there are a lot of places that I have yet to know. Perhaps, besides Sintra, there is a place where I can have a better connection with nature close to Lisbon.

What about you? Are you more of a city person or a nature person? Do you have any natural places closer to your house? Leave in the comments below!


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