Glitter Jar for your best friend birthday

My best friend birthday was two days ago and of course, I had to offer something made with affection. I like doing my own things and offering, unless the person has something specific that wants or needs. So I thought “Hey! She’s a cute, kind girl who likes pretty things and cute stuff. What should I do?”

A glitter jar of course.


Glitter jar’s aren’t that hard to do and there are hundreds of tutorials all over the internet, so there is a high chance you will find something to your taste. I didn’t do much – a jar, metal for a handle, hot water and a jar. Just head the water pretty well, pour to the jar (until you reach half), ad the glue, mix well (important!) and then add more water and more glitter. I used metal to build an handle for grabbing or hang (preferably, do it BEFORE you do the glitter part!) and customised the lid so that it looked cute and personal.

Everything went better than expected and I will be sure to do some for myself!

I have known her for five years. We met in college, in our first year in Language, Literature and Culture (I have changed courses in the meantime) and we kept in touch. I don’t say she’s my best friend lightly-she is one of the people that understands me fully, accepts me for who I am and what I am and supports me. She is the most kind and precious person I have met as of today and honestly, I wish she had everything she deserves (and she deserves a lot!) and that all of you who are still reading this find someone like her. The world needs more people like her.


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