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My favourite windy place on Earth

I know, there are a lot of windy places on Earth, some worst than others. And I am really aware that we also have plenty in this little land called Portugal. But my favourite, closest to my home (close-ish at least) is Guincho, a place cold and windy that is amazing.

The proximity of the sea (it is a beach after all) and the fact that it is naturally a windy place and dangerous too (Boca do Inferno – Hell’s Mouth – that is located closely, didn’t get its name by mere chance.


Despite the fact that it’s really cold (even in summer, it’s not exactly a “beach for tan and enjoy the hot weather”) and really, really windy (once, I almost flew away!) it has a great view to Sintra and to Cabo da Roca, a place I will be talking in a latter post.  dsc09639_20161130031803207

The ocean is wild – literally. The strong winds and strong current, along with the rocky coastline, doesn’t make it the best place for leisure boats – or any boats for that matter!


However, it’s the favourite place for many sea-sports lovers, as its waves offer a welcomed challenge.


Either way, it’s a beautiful place to visit. Even though it’s forbidden to build in its dunes (because if you build on dunes, you cut out it’s natural system and the whole region just collapses. Literally.) -even though you have the road that has caused a lot of problems and the city hall is trying to fix them by planting some amophila arenaria and building palisades.

dsc09661_20161130031629885The good part about this place is, if you go for a bike on a summer day, from Cascais to the beach (they have built a proper road for bikes, which was really cool!) you get an amazing view! Will be sure to film it and post it next summer!

(All photographs taken by me.)


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