Montes Claros Viewpoint

The other day, we went looking for an unknown viewpoint in Lisbon. It wasn’t that hard, since Lisbon is known for it’s nearly endless viewpoints (my goal is to go check them all!), which is easy since it has seven hills.

Monsanto is the biggest green park in Lisbon, albeit somewhat a little off from the center (it’s almost ten kilometers away from downtown but it has public transport, so it isn’t that hard to reach – if you have the time and patience). It offers the perfect place for hiking, biking, simple walks with your dog and just to let off some steam. It also offers one of the perfect views to the city and to the Atlantic – if you are in the right place.

Montes Claros Viewpoint doesn’t really enter that category. Once upon a time, it was built exactly for that – but the growing vegetation and high trees have cut off most of its viewpoint charm.

It’s not a bad place to visit and you can still get a decent view – check my video and you will see what I’m talking about – and if you just want to chill for a little, it has good points just for that.


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