Not Living Alone

I have been  living on my own for the past seven years. I was seventeen back then and even though it was my choice (we always have a choice – that doesn’t necessarily mean that the options are good or better), the other option wasn’t really much better and quite difficult to do, for various reasons. The thing is, I have been living on my own and even though I had a (very) few boyfriends over those years, not a single one of them “awakened” my interest of sharing my house with them. I always thought I would end alone or at least, living alone. I cherished my liberty of living alone too much and relinquish that so I could share a life with someone else didn’t seem that worthy it.

Until two years ago when I met my boyfriend.

Maybe one day I will share our little story, but the point is, we have been dating for two years and we have been living for almost four months. It’s quite the experience. Important note – I love my independence, it was always kind of unthinkable for me to share one day the same little corner with another person, and sharing it with intimacy. Everyone has their own little things, the things they do in the privacy of their little home when no one is there.  I thought I was going to be shy, guarded, the whole “living with another human being”, sharing the space, not being for me.

Boy, was I wrong!

I have found nothing but a comfortable life with someone that I love so dearly, that fills my days with sweet and calm moments. That gives me liberty to just be me, that gives me confidence to achieve what I want, to find what I need and most importantly, to be there for me, to support me when I need, to hear me when I need, to tell me how things really are, to be rational but caring at the same time. It was what I wanted – needed – and so much, much more.

The pciture above was taken today. I had a presentation and I was nervous (I always am – my anxiety reaches its full at these moments) but when I entered my office, I had this sweet message waiting for me “Good luck on the presentation!”.

It was great, it felt awesome and made me feel so loved. Not only he remembered, he also made sure to somehow support me when he couldn’t (he works shifts and today arrived at seven am the poor lad).

I am so happy that I found the piece of the puzzle that fits me perfectly. I hope you all finda someone like this in your life. If you do, cherish it.


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